AltaSens' AL30205 Series Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensors deliver more than 100 dB of dynamic range for 1080p HD. AltaSens’ patent-pending dual-exposure-in-a-single-frame technology leads the industry in native WDR quality. Each exposure adjusts independently to the light intensity of the scene to maximize dynamic range. As a result, exposure latitude is boosted by several f-stops. Under very low-light conditions, every pixel uses a long-exposure mechanism and operates in linear-dynamic-range 1080p HD mode with uncompromised low-light performance.

Single-frame dual exposures provide smooth WDR motion video. AL30205 Series WDR sensors provide an industry-leading frame rate of up to 60 fps.

Common applications:  Surveillance cameras, consumer videoconference cameras,  medical cameras, and professional cameras.

The AL30205 WDR Evaluation Kit is now available for demonstration and appraisal of the sensor's capabilities. For more information, contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .