AltaSens has been the pioneer of HD CMOS image sensor technology since 2004. AltaSens offers 720p and 1080p HD sensors in 1/3” and 2/3” optical formats.

The A3372E4-4T and A4590-4T are 1080p sensors, which provide industry-leading frame rates of up to 60 fps and 90 fps, respectively, at full resolution. A seamless “built-in windowing function” allows these sensors to be programmed for different combinations of resolution and frame rate. For example, instead of 1080p HD format, the A3372E4-4T can be programmed for 720p HD format, in which it can double its maximum standard frame rate to 120 fps.

Multiple AltaSens sensors can be synchronized for applications such as 3D or prism cameras.
AltaSens HD image sensors are available in color (A3372E4-4T) and monochrome (A4590-4T). The A3372E4-4T sensor can be used in Linear mode or Wide-Dynamic-Range mode (WDR).

Common applications: Surveillance cameras, videoconference cameras, medical cameras, and professional cameras.