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Wide Dynamic Range Processing Unit

For AltaSens AL30205C Series and A3372E4-4T Sensors  

  The AltaSens Wide Dynamic Range Processing Unit (ALWPU) is a companion ASIC that process Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) output from AltaSens image sensors. The ALWPU, together with an AL30205C Series or A3372E4-4T image sensor, delivers WDR while maintaining the flexibility for frame rates up to 60 fps at 1080p and 120 fps at 720p (non-scaled, windowed).

AltaSens’ WDR technology delivers more than 100 dB of dynamic range for 1080 and 720 HD resulting in the smoothest motion video. The native WDR is a robust solution for extreme applications in which users have little control over ambient lighting.

Checkerboard Support Minimizes Artifacts

The perfect companion processor with AltaSens sensors for using the checkerboard pattern, the ALWPU greatly minimizes motion artifacts—even for rapidly moving targets. Captured video can be readily analyzed as a sequence of high-quality still images.

The ALWPU can receive data in either subLVDS format (AL30205C Series) or CMOS format (A3372E4-4T sensor) and output data in either subLVDS or CMOS format for IP cameras.

Key Features
  • Checkerboard pattern stitching for the clear capture of high-speed motion
  • Defective pixel correction eliminating the need for post-processing pixel correction
  • Local contrast enhancement for greater picture clarity
  • Greater than 100 dB WDR with uncompromised low-light performance
  • Patent-pending interleaved SHORT and LONG exposures in a single frame
Dynamic Range 100 dB  
Sensors Supported · AL30205C Series
· A3372E4-T4
Frame Rates · 1080p at 60 fps
· 720p at 120 fps
Color Filter RGB Bayer Pattern
Normal Frequency

· 30p: 74.25 MHz
· 60p: 148.5 MHz 

Power Consumption (12-bit subLVDS output at 33.3 V I/O)

· 30p:
  Approx. 380 mW
· 60p:
  Approx. 680 mW 

Power Consumption (16-bit subLVDS output) · 30p:
  Approx. 310 mW
· 60p:
  Approx. 500 mW
Power Supply · Core: 1.2 V
· PLL: 3.3 V
· IF to AL30305: 1.5 V
· IF to A3372: 1.8 V
· IF to camera ISP:
  3.3 V
Input Interface · SubLVDS: 4-channel
  serial video data,
  12 bits
· CMOS: single- or
  dual-port parallel 
  video data, 12 bits
Output Interface · SubLVDS: 4-channel
  serial video data, 
  12 or 16 bits
· CMOS: single- or
  dual-port parallel 
  video data,
  12 or 16 bits
Packaging QFN132L
Operating Temperature -20°C to 85°C ambient temperature
Storage Temperature -40°C to 150°C ambient temperature