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2/3-inch Optical Format, 2.38 MP (2048 x 1164) at 90p in Monochrome

Multiple Formats from a Single Sensor
The AltaChrome A4590-4T provides a versatile sensor architecture that allows one multiformat camera to replace several single-format cameras. The sensor can be dynamically programmed to change resolutions and frame rates, and sensor operations in each of the formats can be fine-tuned to provide optimal image quality. Sensor operation is also compatible with SMPTE standards, assuring artifact-free video.

Highest Speed at True HD Resolution
At full 1080 resolution, the AltaChrome A4590-4T scans in progressive format up to a true 90 fps to produce high-speed video devoid of any artifacts. Non-scaled (windowed) 720p is available in window mode at 120 fps using a 1/2.3-inch optical format.

Broadcast-Grade Slave Timing
Slave sensor controls and timing enable broadcast-grade synchronization with one or more additional A4590-4T sensors, for 3D or other multi-sensor applications. 

Superior iSoC Image Processing  
The AltaChrome A4590-4T automatically suppresses noise in all imaging modes, while minimizing camera complexity and cost. The AltaChrome A4590-4T uses the industry's most advanced and deepest on-chip signal processing to generate 12-bit data or 14-bit data that fully captures the subtlest scene details. Additional features include the following:
  • Automatic Black Clamp for real-time calibration of black values in every frame.
  • Automatic Column Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) Suppression to eliminate variation among individual columns.
  • Line Noise Suppression to remove instantaneous and systematic variation among pixel rows.
  • Dynamic Pixel Defect Correction to reduce the amount of system resource needed in the image signal processor (ISP).
  • Oversampling feature to boost sensor sensitivity.

To order the AltaChrome A4590-4T, use the part number A4590.
Pixel Size 5 µm x 5 µm  
Dark Current (60°C) <300 e/pixels/s
Pixel Well (Linear) 24,000 e
Sensitivity 80,000 e/lux/s
(2000 lux, f11, 600%, 60p)
59 dB
Color Filter Monochrome
16:9 Array Format (pixels) 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
16:9 Array Format 11 mm diag
(Type 2/3)
Full Resolution (pixels) 2048 (H) x 1164 (V)
Frame Rates · 1080p at 90 fps
· 720p at 120 fps
Shutter Mode Electronic Rolling Shutter
Output Resolution Programmable 12-bit or 14-bit
Gain · Analog: 0 to 24 dB
· Digital: 0 to 72 dB
Data Rate 222 MP/s at 111 MHz input clock
Power Consumption 920 mW typical at
90 fps
Power Supply · VDDA: 3.8 V
· VDD: 1.8 V
· VDDIO: 1.8 V
Digital Input/Output Interface · Raw RGB Stream
· Up to 14-bit subLVDS parallel output

97-pin µPGA ceramic package

Junction Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C