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1/3-inch Optical Format, 2.1 MP (1920 x 1080) at 60p in RGB

Optimum Video Resolution in Low Light
The 1/3-inch optical size of the AltaChrome A3372E4-4T image sensor allows uncompromised image quality at 1080p, thanks to its 2.7-μm pixel pitch and AltaChrome technology.

Full 1080 Resolution at 60 fps
The AltaChrome A3372E4-4T scans progressively up to a true 60 fps to produce video that is devoid of artifacts. Programmable windowing enables multiple formats and proportionally higher frame rates. Sensor operations are compatible with the SMPTE 274 standard. Non-scaled (windowed) 720p is available in window mode at 120 fps using a 1/4-inch optical format.

Superior On-Chip Reduction of Image Artifacts and Noise
The AltaChrome A3372E4-4T contains automatic on-chip correction strategies and algorithms to eliminate artifacts that are unavoidably introduced by the analog components on a sensor. These corrections represent the third generation of innovations in digital iSoC design that AltaSens has developed to enhance image quality without increasing the cost, power consumption, or complexity of its sensors. The industry’s deepest internal signal processing delivers a true 12-bit data stream to express the full dynamic range of an image, with functions to extract maximum image quality and provide smooth image texture, including:
  • Automatic Black Clamp for real-time calibration of black values in every frame.
  • Automatic Column Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) Suppression to eliminate variation among individual columns.
  • Line Noise Suppression to remove instantaneous and systematic variation among pixel rows.


To order the AltaChrome A3372E4-4T, use the part number A3372E4.

Pixel Size 2.7 µm x 2.7 µm  
Dark Current (60°C) 50 e/pixels/s
Sensitivity 11,500 e/lux/s
(2000 lux, f4, 200%, 60p)(Green channel, 3200K and CM500S IR cut filter) 
59 dB
Color Filter RGB Bayer Pattern
16:9 Array Format (pixels) 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
16:9 Array Format 6mm diag (Type 1/3)
Full Resolution (pixels) 1968 (H) x 1096 (V)
Frame Rates

· 1080p at 60 fps
· 720p at 120 fps

Shutter Mode · Electronic Rolling Shutter
· Global Reset
ADC Resolution 12-bit
Data Rate 148.5 MP/s typical
Power Consumption 662 mW typical at
74.25 MHz input clock, 1080p60 mode
Analog Supply 3.1 to 3.6 V
3.3 V typical
Digital Core Supply 1.8 V ± 10%
Digital Input/Output Interface · Raw RGB Stream
· Dual-Port Output
· Single-Port Output
· 1.8 V CMOS Level

Thermally enhanced 48-pin CLCC

Junction Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C