AltaSens 1080p 60 fps HD sensors have been the number one choice for all major brands of videoconference solutions. Superior image quality, flexible functionality, and an industry-leading 60 fps at full HD resolution differentiate AltaSens CMOS image sensors.

Various high-end enterprise videoconference cameras have been deployed with AltaSens standard-dynamic-range HD sensors. Now, videoconference solutions can benefit from AltaSens’ WDR technology as well. AltaSens WDR sensors are a perfect solution for consumer videoconference settings in which users have little control over lighting conditions. When a WDR sensor is used in a room with bright lighting, faces are easily recognized along with all the details in the background. AltaSens’ WDR technology can lower the total cost of ownership for videoconference systems and increase unit sales by making WDR technology available for personal consumers as well as for small and large enterprise customers.