Major surveillance video camera designers have chosen AltaSens CMOS image sensors for their IP network cameras because the AltaSens Wide-Dynamic-Range solution is a perfect match for a variety of indoor and outdoor surveillance camera types.

AltaSens’ adaptive WDR solution delivers extremely high-quality video under any light intensity situation. Used outside on a sunny day, the WDR solution captures a clear image of the brightest and darkest parts of the scene. Used inside against a bright background, faces in the foreground and details in the background are equally clear and detailed. The same sensor will adjust to low-light conditions, switching to non-WDR mode and delivering ultimate low-light quality comparable to CCD sensors.

The “built-in windowing function” of the AL30205 Series allows these sensors to output many resolutions, such as 720p or VGA. Regardless of the format, the sensor can work in standard-dynamic-range or wide-dynamic-range mode. At full 1080p resolution, the sensor can be set to work at frame rates up to 60 fps. This flexibility allows surveillance camera manufacturers to use AL30205 sensors to build and optimize different types of camera for targeted applications. AltaSens’ turnkey WDR solution and dedicated engineering support help customers accelerate their time to market.