AltaSens’ superior HD technology empowers multiformat HD broadcast and cinematography cameras to deliver new functionalities that are not achievable using CCD technologies.
AltaSens offers 1080p color or monochrome HD sensors with industry-leading frame rates of up to 90 fps at full resolution, which are ideal for many types of professional cameras. AltaSens sensors can be synchronized for use in single-head, prism, and 3D cameras. A seamless “built-in windowing function” allows designers to create multiformat HD cameras that support different combinations of camera resolution and frame rate, even changing these during camera operation. For example, the AL30205 Series sensors can be set up to support 1080p at 60 fps or 720p at 60 fps.

The broadcast and cinematography industry can also benefit from AltaSens’ Wide-Dynamic-Range solution. WDR cameras are perfect for outdoor applications such as live event, sports broadcast, news gathering, and field programming.