AltaSens enforces a strict Quality Management System (QMS) to assure consistent delivery of superior imaging solutions to its customers. The AltaSens QMS has been certified by a third party registrar and is fully compliant to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

The scope of the QMS system includes the design and manufacture of High Definition (HD) CMOS Imaging Sensors, Product Development, Marketing/Sales, Engineering, Production/Product Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Supplier Management and Quality Assurance.

AltaSens maintains an Approved Suppliers List selected from tier-one companies around the globe. All suppliers are required to adhere to international industry standards. Surveillance audits are periodically conducted to assure systems and processes are in compliance with all relevant contract and regulatory requirements.

The AltaSens Quality Program is defined by our corporate quality procedures, which describe the philosophy, structure, and key elements of our quality systems. Our Quality Policy reflects the spirit and passion of our employees and the commitment of our company to provide imaging sensors with cutting-edge technology to our customers.

AltaSens 111185 Cert ISO 9001 2008


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